Saturday, January 31, 2009

One Assistive Technology I would use in my classroom

As an Elementary/Special Education major, I hope that I will be able to better assist students with special needs in the general classroom. I think that inclusion for such students is beneficial both for them, and for the other students as well. For this reason, if I was to choose a particular assistive technology to use in my classroom, it would be what is called the 'MotivAider' made by Behavioral Dynamics Inc. I believe this piece of technology would be particularly helpful because it is personal, and subtle and so wouldn't draw undo attention to the student with the disability. The MotivAider is particularly geared towards students who have trouble focusing such as those with ADD or ADHD. With the prevalence of this diagnosis increasing, I think it is as important as ever to provide resources to assist these students in the classroom. The MotivAider is a perfect way to do this because the student keeps the small device on their person and it vibrates every couple of minutes. All that is required is that the student with the disability is prepped before hand to associate the vibration with a motivational phrase such as 'stick with it, you're doing well', or another phrase the child chooses. The ultimate goal is to provide a reminder to help the student stay on task without me as a teacher having to constantly nag, both drawing negative attention to the student, and disrupting classroom discussions. This adaptive technology is as easy to carry as an iPod and helps students feel a sense of empowerment in being able to monitor their own behavior. I believe the MotivAider would be an excellent piece of adaptive technology to add to any classroom with students who have trouble paying attention.

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